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2019 Content Marketing Strategy: Here Are five Content Marketing Trends That You Can’t Ignore This Year

Technology is evolving at a completely rapid fee and as marketers or commercial enterprise owners, which means that you constantly want to be privy to the cutting-edge changes, tendencies and be prepared for an alternate at any minute. And it’s not simply generation that keeps converting, but so do your target audience’s options.

When it involves content advertising, it’s crucial to stay on top of these things in case you’re going to make an actual impact with your content material and get outcomes.

So what need to your 2019 content advertising method appear to be?

Here are five content advertising tendencies that you, in reality, can’t ignore this 12 months.

Content advertising and marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI is already closely impacting content material advertising and maximum likely, Artificial Intelligence will alternate content advertising in big approaches over the next few years.

A lot of effective AI technology already exists; but, it’s now not notably accessible. As this adjustment over the direction of those following few years, that’s while we’ll sincerely see the effect of  Artificial Intelligence on content advertising.

One of the largest ways that AI will affect content material marketing has to do with analytics and machine studying. Artificial Intelligence can accumulate and interpret large amounts of information, amounts that might take months of labor from dozens of people, even as AI can handle it in seconds.



So, what does this imply, mainly, for content material advertising?

For one component, it’s going to allow entrepreneurs to build better content material marketing techniques. The extra information you have about your target audience and their pursuits and choices, the less difficult it is going to be to create and supply the sorts of content that they without a doubt want to look.

What’s more, with all of this facts you can additionally build effective, highly targeted target audience segments; this in flip will permit you to create in reality personalized content for every of your target market segments: customized based on their personality trends, their shopping behavior, their interests, their vicinity, and their desires, among other elements.

An actual want for an actual content material method
So you have got an editorial calendar; however, do you have a real method at the back of your content advertising and marketing efforts?

Surprisingly, as many as 63% of agencies don’t have a real content material strategy – however, whilst that’s terrible news for them, it could be exceptional information for you if you start growing a content material marketing method that aligns together with your commercial enterprise desires.

That said, it’s critical to take into account that a content material approach isn’t just an article calendar which you plan some weeks or a month in advance. Rather, it’s a documented approach that entails:

Setting goals to your content material advertising and marketing method especially desire a good way to align with your universal business dreams in order that any content material you product facilitates you attain extra business desires (producing more traffic, more leads, making more conversions via your internet site, weblog or email and so forth)
Establishing KPIs (key performance signs) for measuring your content marketing ROI
Audience segmentation for increasingly more customized content
Content repurposing strategy
Content curation strategy
Different techniques for unique patron acquisition channels
Get your content material geared up for voice search