4 Ways to Use Excel Macros in PPC to Save Time

Are you ever looking for methods to finish ongoing PPC duties quick, as it should be, and without giving up all manage?

Me too.

I recognize all the automated regulations, bidding options, and dynamic advert features which have been created currently; however, there are frequently duties that I don’t want to depart to the automatic powers-that-be.

Enter: Excel Macros.

Here are a few methods to apply this Excel function which can save you time and help ensure accuracy.
What are Excel Macros?

Excel macros are computerized sequences that can be created and personalized to finish a mission. Users can file the sequence of keyboard and mouse moves and shop it for future use.
Basic Excel Macro 101

Here are the fundamental things you have to realize about macros earlier than getting began:

Always store macro workbooks as “Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (.Xlsm).”

When opening a stored macro record, you may need to ensure to permit macros in any other case your recordings will now not paintings.

If you do no longer permit right here, you will reopen the spreadsheet and reenable.

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