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I’m sat in front of the silent laptop, fingers soaring confidently over the keys, inclined the phrases I use so freely on a daily foundation to transport themselves from body to generation.  I promised myself I’d write a witty account of our relocation, but unluckily, my getting old gray be counted has different ideas.

I close my eyes, seeking to keep in mind the way it felt as we took our first steps into our new Life in the Sun, all the ones months ago.  I rub my forehead and appearance out toward the mountains through the window, seeking divine suggestion from my elasticated smalls, which might be presently wafting themselves dry on a hastily erected rotary line. Still, they offer no words of awareness, not even an opening pun.  I sigh and get up from my seat.  I may as properly convey the showering in at the same time as awaiting the cascade of witty liners to take up house in my presently uninhabited mind.

Letting myself out onto the balcony, I kick an unidentifiable chewed canine toy along with the tiles for ‘Brian the brave’ who hurls himself along the slippery surface, performing a skater’s flip before his head makes touch with the lower back wall.  I select up a couple of dead leaves from a potted plant, after which saunter returned indoors to the welcoming glare of the empty computer display.  A clap of thunder echoes overhead.  I trap a glimpse of numerous T-shirts nevertheless waving at me on the road and let loose an audible sigh.  How the hell I will recreate our adventures onto Spanish soil from over four months in the past if I can’t even take into account to usher in my clean cotton when I’m status proper in front of them!

Slamming the computer lid resolutely shut, I stand up and mumble profanities all of the manners to the biscuit tin and eat several sponge fingers earlier than I’ve even made it to the comfort of the sofa.  Brian does his exceptional Paul McKenna death stare, willing the sugary treats to fall in his course even as shadowing me from room to room.

“If I give you a digestive, will you cross and write my Blog for me?”  I enquire to the salivating hound, but the canine one is too busy drowning in his very own expectant dribble to adhere to my pleas.


My husband ambles into the front room, scratching his early morning shadow while concurrently breaking wind, takes one study of my thunderous expression and crumb laden torso, and right away leaves the room again.  “Don’t overlook you’ve got that audition today for KES at the theatre at 3pm,” he yells from the protection of the kitchen. “You’ll be top in that function, the mom in that could be a proper misery, you could do a little approach acting!”

Within two hours, I am transformed from Ena Sharples into Ivy Tilsley with makeup and hairspray applied and kitten heels adorned.  Standing outside the theatre bar, I feel a frightened flutter of pleasure, armed simplest with the chance of status on a strange degree with only a script and my ego to hand.

People of every age are milling around tables, evaluating characters, and perfecting Yorkshire accents.  I sit at the outskirts watching the girls my very own age chat suitable naturedly to each different earlier than their name is referred to as, and they head closer to the stage, the heavy doors remaining behind them, their rendition of this Northern classic to be heard only using the directors in price.

I toy with the idea of getting a quick vodka ahead to calm my nerves but then determine ‘Karaoke Kes’ might not be what they’re looking for.  I see a few familiar faces sat on the table opposite and smile uncertainly of their route, but I am no longer invited into the internal sanctum; I even have as yet to earn my stripes. I appearance down at the script earlier than me and mumble random traces into my food plan coke.

“Paula Lesk….Lesch…Lasch….Skovitz?”  I carry my hand uncertainly and upward push from my seat and head in the direction of the Theatre doorways.  An elderly female places more than a few on my shirt, and I appearance down.  Number thirteen, simply my sodding success.

Straightening my shoulders and fluffing up my hair, I location a frightened hand onto the velvet-clad door and input the unknown.

Two guys are sat ready through the stage, hands outstretched and smile redecorating their assured faces.

“Ah, I take it you’re lighting guys, wife, we’ve heard all about you,” they snicker conspiratorially.

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