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BLOGGING THE VIEW: Avoid the ‘shock’ of load-losing

There is so much negativity available approximately the re-welcoming of load-losing, and I just can’t apprehend why.

I assume moaning is a national pastime, and now that JZ is simplest presenting on Twitter and now not giggling in parliament, we need some thing new to moan about… and I think load-shedding is an easy target. But there’s so much right about load-losing.

Work avoidance

You ignored a cut-off date?

Were too hungover to wait that meeting?

Don’t fear! Load-shedding has your returned!

‘Sorry, I turned into stuck in site visitors because there have been no site visitors lighting, which caused a seven-automobile pile-up and my cellphone battery had died…because of load-dropping’.

‘Sorry, I couldn’t whole that massive paintings project because my battery percent isn’t functional and my WiFi wouldn’t work…due to load-shedding’.

‘Sorry, I changed into stuck in an elevator/vehicle park/on a ferris wheel and couldn’t get out/down…due to load-dropping’.
Get innovative. Nothing is fantastic anymore.

Take eavesdropping to a new degree

With no television or internet to distract us, we need to discover enjoyment in different arenas.

Fortunately, with out the background noise powered by strength, you are capable of pay attention what’s taking place round the corner, at the following coffee table or in the subsequent cubicle.

The world is now your tv.

The secret isn’t to be too apparent – a hand cupped for your ear is a dead giveaway.

Instead, placed earphones for your ears and bop your head as in case you’re being attentive to the modern Lionel Richie hit… and simply eavesdrop away!

Brilliant and powerful.

Big financial savings

Eskom is simply just doing us all a massive favour.

Without energy, there is no power bill. In what international does a product supplier absolutely ban you from the usage of their very own product? Only right here.

Thanks Eskom!

Don’t panic when you see we’re hitting level four load-losing – it in reality just approach extra cash inside the financial institution.

Preparing for the give up of days

When the meteor hits and we’re absolutely reduce off the grid, we’ll be guffawing at those over-pampered Americans and Brits who’ve not had our big guidance for the big blackout.

We know the way to exist on spoilt milk and tinned food.

We get our news the old skool manner – from the gossiping neighbour.

And we can survive not understanding what Kim Kardashian is sporting nowadays.

We’re sturdy like that.

Extreme load-losing

Instead of looking on the load-losing agenda as a way to live to tell the tale for 2 hours with out electricity, you can look at the agenda as a venture, by using gambling the brand new game I invented – extreme load-losing.

Get a set of buddies together and comply with the weight-losing agenda round.

Try to avoid having any energy for so long as you may.

The closing man status is the winner.

Don’t fall into the entice of negativity. Eskom best needs what’s high-quality for us, so embrace your powerlessness and have a few amusing!

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