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2019 Content Marketing Strategy: Here Are 5 Content Marketing Trends That You Can’t Ignore This Year

Technology is evolving at an entirely rapid charge. As marketers or business proprietors, you continuously need to be aware of the cutting-edge adjustments and traits and be organized for trade at any minute. And it’s no longer just generation that maintains changing, but so do your target market’s alternatives.

When it involves content advertising and marketing, it’s essential to live on the pinnacle of these things if you’re going to make a real impact along with your content material and get effects.

So what need your 2019 content advertising strategy to appear like?

Here are 5 content material advertising developments that you definitely can’t ignore this yr.
Content marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI is already jointly impacting content material advertising, and maximum probable, Artificial Intelligence will alternate content material marketing in significant ways over the following couple of years.

A lot of influential AI era already exists; but, it’s no longer relatively accessible. As this changes over the path of those next few years, that’s when we’ll only see the effect of Artificial Intelligence on content material advertising and marketing.

2019 Content Marketing Strategy: Here Are 5 Content Marketing Trends That You Can't Ignore This Year 1

One of the most substantial ways that AI will affect content advertising has to do with analytics and machine studying. Artificial Intelligence can accumulate and interpret vast amounts of information, quantities that could take months of labor from dozens of humans, at the same time as AI can cope with it in seconds.

So, what does this suggest, in particular, for content advertising and marketing?

For one component, it will allow marketers to build better content marketing strategies. The additional records you’ve got approximately your audience and their pursuits and choices, the less painful it will be to create and supply the varieties of content material that they, in reality, want to see.

What’s extra, with all of this information, you may additionally build powerful, relatively focused audience segments; this in flip will permit you to create genuinely personalized content material for each of your target market segments: personalized primarily based on their character developments, their shopping behavior, their pursuits, their region, and their wishes, amongst other factors.

An actual want for a practical content approach

So you’ve got an article calendar; however, do you have a genuine plan at the back of your content advertising efforts? Surprisingly, as many as sixty-three % of companies don’t have an actual content material strategy – but at the same time, as that’s horrific information for them, it may be excellent information for you if you start growing a content marketing approach that aligns with your business dreams. That said, it’s vital to understand that a content method isn’t always merely a piece of writing calendar which you plan a few weeks or a month in advance. Instead, it’s a documented strategy that entails: Setting dreams on your content material advertising method, specifically dream to align with your ordinary enterprise goals so that any content you product allows you to reach extra business dreams (producing more visitors, greater leads, making more conversions through your website, blog or email and so forth)

Get your content equipped for voice seek

If you’ve not taken to using voice seek in your day-to-day lifestyles, you might be surprised to find out how popular it clearly is and how many humans use it regularly. And probabilities are that with the increasing recognition of gadgets like Google Home and Amazon Alexa and services like Apple’s Siri, voice search will only continue to grow – till, perhaps, it even will become the new every day. Some also trust that as many as half of all online searches may be voice searches by 2020.

When it comes to content material advertising and marketing, which means that marketers want to begin optimizing their content – or, at the least, some of their content – for voice search. Unfortunately even though, every device seems to be pulling records from one-of-a-kind resources and providing entirely distinct outcomes; that said, there are nonetheless things that you can do to get ahead of the competition and make sure that your content is the only that voice assistants will suggest.

One of the most vital components is that you want to get your content material to be the featured snippet – the quick blurb that often seems at the pinnacle of a Google search result that answers your seek query – and realize which searches bring about featured snippets.

A specific way of taking part with influencers

Usually, one expects influencer collaboration to mean having the influencer promote a logo or its merchandise/offerings on their personal channels.

And even as that’s undoubtedly a super method, there is any other method that is starting to trend accurately now: having the influencer create content in your very own brand channels (your blog, your social networks, and so forth).

This has some benefits for manufacturers, from boosting credibility to boosting site visitors and followers as you entice that influencers’ target market.

So how do these sorts of campaigns paintings? Quite absolutely, by having recognized and revered influencers out of your area of interest developing content material to your channels. They can then promote this content on their channels and help power visitors to your platform.

For example, if you promote food products, you can have famous cooks sharing distinct recipes to your blog – to likely appeal to a big audience of foodies for your weblog. Or, you may take things one step and feature an influencer take over your channel for an entire 24 hours – much like Snapchat takeovers.

As I referred to earlier, those varieties of influencer marketing projects can help you boost your credibility definitely through associating yourself with a respected and well-loved influencer out of your area of interest, in addition, to help you with extra realistic dreams, including constructing up visitors for your weblog and internet site, assisting you to generate greater leads, as well as assisting you’re making greater sales and acquire new customers in your business.
Incorporate extra sorts of content material for your method and reach a much broader target market

Content advertising and marketing isn’t merely running a blog; it’s also social media content, advertising movies, email marketing, podcasting, and a lot more.

People consume a variety of different kinds of content material every day, the usage of various gadgets; so that you can attain those audiences, it’s critical to not handiest have a presence on a couple of channels but additionally to create different types of content for extraordinary segments of your target audience:

A video is one of the most famous brands of content material proper now. People watch as many as five billion movies on YouTube every day and one hundred million hours of video on Facebook – and these are merely 2 systems.
Podcasting is rapidly increasing in popularity as correctly, with 44% of the United States population have listened to as a minimum one podcast within the beyond few years Interactive content material consisting of AR lenses can help you reach a massive audience; as an example, Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens generated an impressive 224 million views.


Content advertising and marketing are extensively utilized by many entrepreneurs and companies; in fact, as many as ninety-one % of B2B marketers declare to apply content material marketing to attain customers, as this looks at from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs determined. That is a lot of content to compete with, and, regrettably, it’s smooth to experience this opposition while your content material isn’t performing in search effects or for your audiences’ newsfeeds.

To perform these 12 months nicely and generate superb consequences from content material advertising, live on top of these tendencies and use them to tell your method: create a documented content material advertising strategy, leverage AI, optimize your content for voice seek, leverage unique styles of content material and collaborate with influencers in specific methods.

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