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Keyword Research

Dominate Your Niche: 7 Killer Keyword Research Strategies

There are certain keywords in every niche that everyone wants to rank for. While those famous phrases are really worth pursuing, they’re truly no longer the best ones really worth pursuing.

Taking an unconventional approach in your key-word strategies will help you rank for a greater quantity of applicable terms greater quickly, earn more traffic, and attain capacity customers in advance inside the buying process.

You can then enlarge on that achievement throughout the extra important key phrases, and over the years, completely dominate your niche.

Just like in my recent article on hyperlink constructing, I need to point out the importance of making use of a blend of key-word techniques. Doing so will create a greater diverse library of content, which enables to attract in a much broader, yet still fantastically-focused audience and earn greater social shares and links.

Interview Industry Leaders
Everyone loves extra exposure because it enables show their understanding, authority, and believe. It can result in accelerated sales, and, if we’re being absolutely honest, it strokes their ego.

This makes it incredibly easy to connect with and interview the leaders to your industry, assisting you to provide exquisite content whilst incomes the opportunity to rank for their call and in all likelihood other matters they point out within the interview, consisting of:


Books they wrote or endorse
Their mentors, heroes, or position models
Podcasts they host or advise
Events they speak at or attend as visitors
Websites or magazines in which they write
Products or offerings they use
All of the matters that make this a superb keyword strategy additionally make it a tremendous social media and hyperlink building approach as properly, due to the fact who isn’t going to percentage or hyperlink to a chunk of content material that affords them as an professional?

The key right here is to interview industry leaders who actively sell themselves (via speakme, blogging, podcasting, etc.) because that promoting leads to greater search volume. If to be had, you ought to embed media consisting of motion pictures or podcasts, in an effort to help present the value of the interviewee more sincerely and preserve visitors to your website longer.

It’s also a smart move to link lower back to that interview, where relevant, from both past and future posts/pages.

Piggyback on Competitors’ Brand Terms
One of my maximum a success campaigns became for a business enterprise within the bedding enterprise, where we accomplished ridiculous fulfillment with the aid of piggybacking on their competitors’ brand phrases. This approach took them from the verge of final their doors to shockingly profitable in less than a year, and it played a big role in their $fifty four million dollar cope with a chief hotel chain later that 12 months.

This is wherein I sense the need to consist of a disclaimer: these outcomes are not commonplace. There were quite a few fine elements outdoor my manipulate that performed a substantial function on this equation:

They had a superior product.
Their sales personnel was properly-educated and proactive.
Their competition have been big brands with aggressive advertising. (This appears like a terrible factor, however I’ll explain why it’s no longer rapidly.)
Here’s how we did it.

We started via growing a matrix comparing their beds to the beds in their 3 largest competitors. This enabled visitors to quick and effortlessly evaluate the capabilities and blessings in their beds in opposition to the beds from their competition.

In addition to serving as a place to begin in concentrated on their competitors’ brand terms, it also served as a top notch sales device. Anytime a bit of content can serve more than one functions; you’re in advance of the game.

Next, we created person pages for every competitor’s product, wherein we blanketed the variations in first rate detail and surely demonstrating the price of my purchaser’s beds over the beds in their competition. We then did the equal component for the man or woman additives of every mattress, the guarantee, assurance, and financing options.

Finally, we created internal links to those pages, where suitable, and performed a link constructing marketing campaign.

Our consumer commenced rating, and then fast climbed to the number one function for pretty a whole lot anything associated with their competitors’ beds, and within the pinnacle three positions for wellknown logo-associated terms. Since these competition had brick and mortar shops and ran large television and radio campaigns, they generated brilliant publicity and interest, but every dollar they spent on marketing at once generated publicity, and often revenue, for my consumer.

It changed into the scale of these competition that made this a profitable enterprise. They have been spending tens of millions of greenbacks each 12 months on advertising, and the humans they reached wanted to investigate their products. This drove a ton of pre-certified site visitors to my consumer.

There are a few caveats here:

Don’t use this approach in case your products or services are not really advanced on your competitors. Otherwise, you’ll generate publicity and sales for them.
Offer sincere, unemotional comparisons. Rather than writing about how terrible their products or services are, reveal how yours are advanced. When you bash your competition, it just makes you look petty and untrustworthy.
Be sensible. The average business enterprise is genuinely no longer going to outrank enterprise powerhouses like Amazon, Airbnb, or Etsy — you gained’t even show up on the first web page. So cognizance your time, power, and sources on competition you can beat.
Review Related Products and Services
Judging by the number of websites I see in which literally every piece of content material is about their very own services or products, I count on this may surprise some people…however you’re allowed to supply content material on subjects aside from your own products and services.

Here’s the thing — when you write about different relevant products and services, you have the opportunity to draw in an target market that probably is interested by what you provide as nicely.

For instance, permit’s say that you offer neighborhood search engine optimization offerings. That seems achievable since you’re reading Search Engine Journal, right? You can, and must, write about SEO and everything that goes along with that. But if that’s wherein your keyword method ends, you’re doing yourself a brilliant disservice.

Let’s test a number of the associated products and services, as a seo expert, that your capability clients may also want however you don’t offer.

This could cowl a huge range of advertising-related subjects, inclusive of:

Web website hosting
Premium WordPress issues and plugins
Website backup services
Email advertising and marketing offerings
CRM software
Productivity gear
CDN offerings
Social media equipment
Podcasting services and equipment
Call monitoring
Reputation control
Conversion optimization
Web design
If you’ve got even a shred of creativity, you must be capable of come up with a dozen weblog publish subjects for every of those items. Far more if you positioned forth only a little effort.

When you do, you’ll tap into lots of ability site visitors possibilities that your quick-sighted competition haven’t even taken into consideration. More importantly, you’ll reach those visitors lengthy earlier than they’ve started out discovering the goods or services you provide — whilst your competition aren’t even within the photo yet. And because you’ve already helped offer precious data that they wanted, you’re starting from a function of extra accept as true with.

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