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5 Content Marketing Stats That Will Help You Reach Your Audience

People are spending greater time than ever eating content. But with such a lot of voices and choices, what makes a target audience song in, and what makes them bounce? Adobe these days surveyed 1,000 U.S. Purchasers who own at least one digital device (i.E., a telephone, pill, or computer) to find out. The 2d annual Brand Content Survey sheds mild on what customers need and how nowadays’s tech traits have an effect on patron choices. “It’s no longer pretty much making sure you have content that may be distributed to a lot of these devices however additionally optimized for those devices. As a content material marketer, if you’re simply thinking about one channel, you’re very a whole lot behind,” says Loni Stark, Sr. Director of Strategy & Product Marketing at Adobe. Whether your logo goals to reach millennial consumers or C-stage executives, here are a few highlights from the examination to preserve in mind while growing your content approach.

5 Content Marketing Stats That Will Help You Reach Your Audience 1

Multiscreen Millennials

1) 28% of millennials use 3 or greater devices on the equal time often, 130% increase yr over year.

2) Millennials spend a mean of 11 hours per day enticing with digital content material compared to the U.S. average of 8.8 hours.

The speedy time spent engaging with content material approach entrepreneurs trying to seize a proportion of that interest need to diversify their strategies. Stark advises that embracing an omnichannel method and attentive to generation traits can help manufacturers destiny-proof their content material.

C-Suite Connections


3) 19% of Gen-Xers and 31% of baby boomers say they by no means proportion content material online.

With a mean age of fifty-four in the U.S., how can entrepreneurs attain elusive C-Suite executives? The older purchasers are, the less likely they are to percentage content material online. Though reluctant to percentage or have interaction on social networks, older customers nevertheless spend a mean of seven-9 hours consistent with the day online, consistent with the survey. “Everyone is eating content—it’s a be counted of how do you get the most treasured content material to that institution,” says Stark.

She recommends developing content that’s unique, industry-particular, and gives enterprise value. While you don’t have to post a 40-web page white paper (CEOs like snackable content material too), she says, properly-researched content material offers executives incentive to interact. Offline, executives crave possibilities to the community with every different and analyze pleasant practices face to face. Most pros can’t choose up the cellphone and speak to friends from different agencies day after day, so industry activities that foster a sense of community and spark speak to provide a realistic price.

AI Advances

4) 45% of purchasers could abandon content material that’s showing poorly on their contemporary device.

Optimizing for person revel in will become key when considering the kind of devices customers use to devour content material. Developments in artificial intelligence are reducing the heavy lifting required to create and adapt content, Stark says. Machine studying can help content creators battle through troves of property to locate relevant content material and crop to suitable sizes for numerous devices. AI gear also assists marketers in degree what’s running and what’s no longer to adapt techniques.

Personalization Pays

5) 34% of clients are more likely to make an unplanned purchase if a logo personalizes content.

Consumers count on a few stages of personalization, but brands, beware—crossing the line turns clients away. Stark advises using the celebration take a look at. Imagine how awkward it might feel if a stranger approached you on occasion and already knew non-public details about your lifestyles due to the fact they noticed you on the visitor list and Googled you? You might likely feel comfier if you had been given the threat to introduce yourself. The equal rules of engagement ought to observe for manufacturers. On the opposite hand, if you name a organization you’ve achieved business with, you’ll expect a customer support rep to recognize your applicable account facts to assist streamline the call, Stark says.

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