Five Steps To Help Business Owners Avoid Click Fraud On Google AdWords

Are you getting too many invalid clicks in your Google AdWords account? How about “valid” clicks, but you recognize they’re absolutely invalid? Both of these scenarios can be difficult and pricey. Fortunately, enterprise proprietors can take decisive action and improve their AdWord outcomes.

Google AdWords is an extraordinary device to make cash. It works amazingly nicely to connect you with folks who are seeking out what you sell. Keywords aren’t as reasonably-priced as they had been in 2004, which is after I first commenced. Competitors now are not most effective beginning bidding wars however also clicking for your advertisements with bots to stunt your overall performance. I need to tell my tale of fighting bots from data facilities to shield my Google AdWords budget.

In early March of 2015, I observed that my Google AdWords bill turned into too high and ROI had substantially dropped. I wrote to Google support — they said there has been not anything uncommon. I checked out the keywords inside the “seek terms” tab and observed a number of lengthy-tail key phrases that did not make any sense.

I wrote to Google once more — this time they gave me some credit score, which blanketed, in my estimation, about 50% of fake clicks. ROI changed into nonetheless not there at this fee of fake clicks. So I mounted a script on my website to track IPs in view that Google does not provide that records. I became then capable of identifying a group of IPs, but Google’s IP exclusion limit of 500 turned into speedy reached. Even after attempting geo-focused on, I become nonetheless overwhelmed by way of the number of IPs on the disposal of my competition.

Google didn’t damage any laws. Clicks have been there, and they charged consistent with click, so their fingers had been clean.

Security firm White Ops later shared a examine approximately bot farms, which illegally generate among $three million and $5 million a day for criminals through those sorts of techniques. I changed into lucky enough that the competitors simplest centered approximately 20% of my keywords, which I ended up turning off.


Here are 5 steps that will help you identify which key phrases those bots can be focused on so you can turn them off:

• Install a tracking pixel with a purpose to list IP addresses to your AdWords account. A short on-line seek will let you find out the excellent device for you.

• Review the facts you purchased for each click, consisting of IP address, place, referrer URL, tracking link, date and time. Then, export these kinds of IPs for future use.

• Search for IPs pointing to data centers. You can analyze IPs the usage of extra sophisticated offerings by way of searching “IP to vicinity” on Google.

• Identify which key phrases the records facilities have targeted.

• Finally, put off those key phrases, and with any luck, the bleeding will stop. Be creative; you might see some other patterns.

Keyword diversification is the name of the game. That is, if feasible, try not to cognizance most effective on some keywords. Go into many exclusive verticals with many distinctive web sites so that the attackers won’t even understand it’s you. Finally, business owners should don’t forget using other channels for online advertising — no longer just AdWords. Think search engine optimization, SMM and other avenues.

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