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Four Ways to Combine Audiences Across Facebook & AdWords

Both Facebook and Google AdWords offer more than a few advanced target audiences focused on options to advertisers. One of Google AdWords’ greatest strengths lies in the potential to mix keyword targeting with audience records (RLSAs), even as Facebook is the don in terms of the demographic data they offer advertisers as part of their middle-focused on options. This post will outline how you could transfer your pinnacle performing Facebook audiences over to AdWords as RLSAs, and speak 4 simple tactics to mix Facebook audiences with RLSAs a good way to assist you in refining your concentrated on to leverage budget and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Power of Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook’s consumer base is big. In Q4 2017, Facebook suggested over 2.Thirteen billion month-to-month lively Facebook users, which is a 14 percentage growth and represents over a 3rd of the entire populace on the earth! The concentrated alternatives available for advertisers to reach this big market on Facebook can be extensively broken up into 3 streams: Core audiences are Facebook’s base focused on alternatives for advertisers. The options available at this degree encompass demographic, place, interest, and behavioral targeting. Custom audiences check with audiences created thru the present internet site and audience records. These audiences can be created through Facebook Pixel (internet site monitoring code) or via importing your own contact lists (email addresses or telephone numbers), much like Google client suit.

Four Ways to Combine Audiences Across Facebook & AdWords 1
Lookalike audiences permit advertisers to find people with comparable characteristics (activity titles, page likes/follows, demographics) to their existing clients. Much like Google’s similar audience function, that is a first-rate choice for increasing attain if you’re maxing out the reach of your existing purchaser lists. The personal statistics Facebook has on its users is manner over and above what Google can provide. While Google is aware of the sites people have visited and which keywords they’ve used to get there, Facebook has unique data on their users’ activity titles, age, interests, hobbies, likes, pals, and greater – all of which can be used by advertisers to target their campaigns.

Combining Search & Social Audiences

Layering social target market facts on search campaigns can be a really effective approach to improving the performance of your search campaigns.

By priming users with messaging on social you can then serve incredibly applicable advertisements whilst the ones customers sooner or later perform a keyword-based total search on Google, handing over the closing knockout punch!

The facts around combining search and social are sincerely encouraging. A current Kenshoo study confirmed that paid search audiences that have been already exposed to Facebook advertising generated a 30 percent improvement in return on ad spend and a 7 percent uplift in CTR.

How to Transfer Facebook Audiences to AdWords

Many of the processes contained in this publish rely on moving statistics accumulated from Facebook and its use to create RLSAs for use on Google search.

All you need to do to capture these statistics is make certain you’re using particular UTM tags in each advert set of your Facebook campaigns.

The extra specific you are along with your UTMs, the greater granular you’ll be able to get with your target audience segmentation.

One component to bear in mind is that any audience list you create needs to include no less than 1,000 customers to be eligible to be used on the Google search community.

1. Target B2B Decision-Makers (Job Titles) via Your Search Ads

One tactic we’ve been using currently with some customers is concentrated on activity title information to filter out B2B choice-makers on Facebook before using this listing (as soon as users have visited your website) to goal advertisements only at these individuals on Google search.

To try this, you would need to:

Create an attention marketing campaign on Facebook.
Target demographics > Job Titles > filter out the titles of key choice-makers in your industry.
Tag the campaign using unique UTM tags so that you can segment the visitors in GA.
Create a new target audience definition in Google Analytics by filtering out this visitor’s usage of the campaign UTMs you carried out on Facebook.
Apply this audience list as a target and bid for your Google AdWords search campaigns to make sure best the selection-makers who have been reached by way of your ad on Facebook see the ad.

This tactic ensures that the clicks you pay for on AdWords target B2B choice-makers, handy for advertisers who want to squeeze the most out of a smaller budget.

While this may glaringly restrict reach for smaller advertisers, it’ll ensure that any finances spent are most effective in being used to goal-certified leads based on the demographic facts amassed from Facebook.

2. Uncover New Prospects on Facebook to Target TOFU Keywords

Lookalike audiences on Facebook are a wonderful tactic for finding new capability clients who proportion similar characteristics to your existing purchaser list. This is an excellent tactic for advertisers who experience like they have exhausted the modern-day search call for in their enterprise. It will make new users forget your services or products on social, bringing them into your funnel, after which pushing them in addition down the funnel each time they look for a associated informational keyword. Specifically, I could advocate using Facebook lookalike audiences to uncover and goal new capacity clients with awareness commercials on Facebook, making them aware of your services or products.

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