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How the top logo makers in the market compare

Having the right logo for your company can allow customers to, at a glance, understand what your business does and who you are and can prove to be an invaluable brand marketing tool when practically applying your marketing strategy. A logo can become a globally recognized and trusted symbol and provide your company with a precious competitive edge.

How the top logo makers in the market compare 1

Hatchful (Shopify)

Powered by Shopify, Hatchful offers its users 12 industry categories to choose from and several logo style variations for their logo. They generate over 100 logo suggestions for your business and offer a package with various logo sizes and formats that are already tailored for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and YouTube. This site is less flexible than some of the others on this list. However, they offer an impressive range of logo options that are free with no sign-up required.


Namecheap is predominantly a domain and email hosting provider. It offers free logo-creating services that don’t require signup and real-time chat consultations for anyone struggling with the design process. You can choose from over 100 logo suggestions that the site will generate, and you can download all of your artwork immediately.


TRUiC’s simple and effective logo maker offers entrepreneurs over 700 industries the to choose their business industry and generate thousands of logo design options. The TRUiC logo maker is one of the most varied and easy-to-use logo makers available, and it’s completely free! True offers a free download of a scalable and easy-to-use logo in both SVG and PNG format and generates even more options to choose from if you need a second opinion.–Wix

A popular website creation site and logo maker, Wix requires an account to create your logo, and it allows entrepreneurs to choose which icon/font/layout they prefer from a selection of logos. They will be able to provide some logo options that they know you will like. Wix is flexible, allowing you to adjust graphic elements and offering full commercial usage rights over your logo, and downloading the JPEG format of your logo is free. Unfortunately, though, you will need to pay for any other kind of format download.


Another website maker, Squarespace, offers a similar service to Wix, except that they offer your logo application previews on branded collateral. Although an excellent site, once you have finalized your logo, you cannot go back onto the site and make any further changes to it, and you will need to be a member to access the free download feature.


Jimdo offers website, blog, and eCommerce building as well as logo development. The logo creator feature is only available for account holders, and they are a great option for an all-in-one “one-stop shop” for website and logo building.


Although Looka (powered by Weebly) doesn’t have a free download feature, it still offers a good selection of generated logos. It requires free signup to create a logo based on the user’s several logo selections and has a share function that allows you to send a preview to different people for their input and feedback. However, this site is costly and not worthwhile, considering how much other logo generators offer for free.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers many additional marketing tools alongside their logo generating tools, such as social post design templates, presentation templates, business cards, and stationery templates. They are an excellent choice for companies that will utilize social media marketing channels and offer inclusive subscription offers that can prove very cost-effective.


Placeit offers a variety of logo generation options for your business and a seemingly powerful editing feature. Still, they require a subscription to utilize their services and charge an additional fee to download the logo. Considering the other options on the list, they offer good products but are again a little expensive.

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