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How to Boost your Link Building Strategy with Awesome Videos

When it comes to improving Google ranking, then link-building wins the game. It’s one of the most effective and easiest ways to keep a website at the top of Google. According to statistics, it is found that 13% of marketers say that it is one of the most valuable SEO tactics. But one needs to wait for at least three months to see good results. Are you also pondering over how to improve your link-building strategy? Are you looking for the best way to help you generate high-quality links and build a strong presence in less time? Well! That’s where good-quality explainer videos come into play.

You will be amazed to see that more than 3.5 billion people use social media, and video is the only content type that gets 12 times more shares than other visual content or blogs. More sharing, higher traffic, and better page ranking. By publishing excellent quality video content, you can see many transactions on social media and make people understand complex concepts easily. Well! Google loves videos! It usually crawls the sites and looks for more visitors, less bounce rate, and relevant content. And this is all possible with videos; it grabs the visitor’s attention and retains the visitors on the page for longer.

Convinced! But wondering how?

So, let’s dive into different strategies that will allow you to utilize videos for link building in a productive form without wasting a single moment.

6 Proven ways to optimize videos for better Link Building

Let’s get started…

Do thorough research

How to Boost your Link Building Strategy with Awesome Videos 1

Before creating a video, make sure you research which content is relevant and what people are looking for. Creating videos on more searchable content can easily attract more people and get more shares and views. For instance, Instagram reels and Facebook stories are dominating social media. Furthermore, if you want to see which video trend is actually working, you can always utilize tools like BuzzSumo, ahrefs’ content explorer, etc. More traffic, higher conversions, and better ROI. So, create video content that boosts the level of engagement and conversion rate.

Add Original Touch

While producing a video, make sure it goes on the original touch to the content. Say if the content is original, you can easily improve your brand authority and get more backlinks. When it comes to link building, then originality is the only concern considered by almost every organization.

Thus, whenever you produce a video, make sure it represents your brand in the best way and highlights important information that inspires others to get links on your video. So, try focusing on producing original content in the form of entertaining and educational videos.

Focus on your Target Marketers

How to Boost your Link Building Strategy with Awesome Videos 2

Another tip that will help you make your video content more productive is strategizing it as per your target market. If you strategize your campaigns and content according to your audience and niche, you can see better results in generating high-quality links. With this approach, you can make a small campaign more successful.

Thus, before you proceed, brainstorm the list of people who might be interested in watching your content. Once you clearly identify your potential targets and audience needs, you can easily create appealing content to further escalate your outreach campaign.

Create mobile-friendly and shareable content

According to the statistics, it is found that 90% of the videos are watched by people through their personalized devices. This is the reason why everyone’s putting their best to produce mobile-friendly content. Because if your content is mobile-friendly, you have more chances to get your content shareable. Remember, the more the sharing, the easier it becomes to get viral and generate more backlinks.

So get ready to raise the power of link building by creating shareable and mobile-friendly video content.

Post optimized and embeddable video

Whenever you create a video, make sure it is embeddable as it is the only source through which users can get links on the respective video. With propriety embed code, users can easily get links back to your video page.

Furthermore, if you want to get faster results, you can place the code in an iframe as it will be easy for the user to find and copy. Also, you need to make sure that your video code works on different platforms to not appear broken or spammy to users.

Create a Video Sitemap

Last but not least, a tip that will help you get an optimized video for better link building is producing more discoverable content. Yes, you hear it right….

If your content is more discoverable, it will become easy for the users to find and get backlinks. Are you thinking how?

You can create a video sitemap as it directly points to the video URLs and increases the chances of links. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to make a good video sitemap, you can always contact the best video production companies. They will guide you in producing video sitemaps and offer excellent video production services at an affordable cost.

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In a Nutshell

Hopefully, all the points added above will help you edge your backlink strategy through awesome video content. Remember, if your video is highly optimized and showcased excellently, you can easily attract visitors to your page and get a great way to build keywords and quality links.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Start producing video content in your marketing toolkit and experience a considerable amount of profit by building a strong network of links.

Still, having any questions? Do share in the comments below!

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