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How To Make A Living From Blogging

There are properly over a hundred million blogs global – and most bloggers have fantasized at one time or any other about the way to make a living from their writing. Traveling the world, developing posts from anywhere, and raking in passive earnings would possibly appear like a dream – but Matt Kepnes, who blogs as “Nomadic Matt,” has made that his truth considering that he started out traveling the world in 2006. Here are his five tips for people who aspire to make a living by blogging.

Take the lengthy view. If you’re anticipating a right away windfall from blogging, says Kepnes, you’re going to be upset. “You must assume that you’re now not going to make money inside the starting.” It took him about 18 months to earn enough to live off his weblog, though his costs had been decreased because he changed into frequently traveling in less costly locales. “I wasn’t making a ton, but a few months I made up to $8,000, and some months I made $1,000,” he remembers. It took him about six years of blogging to earn sufficient to lease personnel for his crew. Don’t give up if you don’t benefit traction immediately, he says, but re-compare periodically. “In a year, if…you’re just getting nowhere, then you definitely need to rethink what you’re doing. Even after six months, if you’re no longer simply developing or making connections, perhaps it’s a difficulty that you’re spending it slow poorly.”

Get clean on your area of interest. There are numerous competitors in any subject, whether or not it’s a tour or commercial enterprise, or tech.  Kepnes says you have to ask yourself what you could offer that’s simply specific.  If you’re a tour blogger, “Maybe you simply need to talk approximately fly fishing in Alaska or activities in Istanbul. The narrower you can be, the easier it’s miles to be a professional.” And once you’ve set up your credibility, you may make connections with different bloggers in associated fields by using supplying to do guest blogs approximately your forte.

Create a couple of revenues streams. If you’re no longer earning profits once you’ve been blogging some time and feature built up a readership, there may be some other hassle. It can be, says Kepnes, that “You’re no longer giving your readers a possibility to shop for a product to help you in a few meaningful manners. You’ve got to present your audience with a possibility to buy. ”  That should come within the shape of making e-books, offering products thru associate hyperlinks, developing online publications or mastermind groups, and more.

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Forget advertising. Don’t count on advertising as a prime sales source, says Kepnes – at the least until you come to be running a blog juggernaut. “I don’t, in reality, think advertising and marketing is something that human beings need to pursue. It’s no longer treasured. Your time is not well-spent pursuing a $a hundred a month banner [ad]. Make your very own product and promote that, and make $1000 a month. When you turn out to be top on your discipline, people are going to technique you” with advertising and marketing deals. Until then, don’t bother.

Build a network.  An effective manner of constructing a following is to allow readers to hook up with each other.  Kepnes has created a discussion board on his website for travelers to alternate thoughts and guidelines and is launching “a PO Box where humans can ship us postcards that we’ll highlight at the internet site and at the Facebook pages.” He also praises the energy of reader Meetups (he’s held them in numerous cities throughout the globe), and “community responsibility,” in which readers (or the blogger) can write approximately a goal (which include dropping weight, saving each month, or taking a protracted-delayed vacation) and others will inspire them and keep them to it.

Becoming an expert blogger doesn’t manifest in a single day. But following those techniques will permit you to start building a passionate reader base and bringing in actual sales sooner than feasible.

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