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Armed and dangerous suspect in custody after 18-hour manhunt in West Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — The tried homicide suspect who police say terrorized West Mobile is finally off the streets after an extreme, 18-hour manhunt. Only NBC 15 become there while police literally carried Tommy Goleman off to jail around 5:forty this night. In this one-of-a-kind video, you could see Tommy Goleman turned into hogtied, all limbs handcuffed as he became hauled off to Mobile Metro prison this afternoon. Police inform us he turned into fighting them the whole manner.

Armed and dangerous suspect in custody after 18-hour manhunt in West Mobile 1

Reporter: “Do you have got something you need to say?”

  • Goleman: “Yeah, they harm me! They hurt me! They attempted killing me! They broke my wrist!”
  • Reporter: Why did you allegedly shoot at an officer? Why did you do that?”
  • Goleman: “I did not shoot at nobody!”
  • Reporter: “Do you’ve got something you want to mention to Gary Case, officials, or loved ones?”
  • Goleman: “Tell Crystal I love her!”
  • An unceremonious quit for the fugitive at the center of a big 18-hour manhunt in West Mobile that positioned lots of humans on lockdown this Good Friday and remaining night.
  • It took police, SWAT, the Feds, or even the Coast Guard to take down the fugitive police known as armed and dangerous after he allegedly fired photographs at a Mobile police officer on Thursday night time.
  • Tommy Goleman changed into noticed a couple of instances in a single day and this morning before sooner or later being caught.
  • People tipped off police that he turned into at Hunters Pointe rental complicated on Lloyds Lane.
  • Mobile Public Safety Director James Barber warned lots of human beings within the area to fasten their doorways, near their blinds, and stay inner.

Just two hours later, police stated Goleman stole Gary Case’s pickup truck on Scenic West Drive right off Lloyds Lane, which led them on a high-speed chase down Hillcrest and onto Airport Blvd. He drove into oncoming visitors and then whipped into the bonefish grill parking lot, jumped the minimize, and crashed into the woods. “I saw my truck chickening out of my driveway, and my spouse and I ran out of the door, and we noticed an officer, and we flagged him down, and we told him, “Go get that guy! He stole my truck,” stated Case.

The case stated his truck was unlocked in his outdoor.

  • The officer identified Goleman quickly and tried to quit the harmful chase. However, Goleman wasn’t stopping.
  • Fortunately, the Coast Guard helicopter had eyes on him the whole way.
  • “I heard the helicopters. It appeared like they had been a touchdown in my backyard,” said Case.
  • The entire factor began at Pronto Pawn on Government Street on Thursday.

Police confronted Goleman after responding to a call about a suspicious character on the pawn save. They say he led them on a high pace chase down Government Street to Tillman’s Corner, wherein he allegedly exchanged gunfire with an officer. That gun warfare caused a search and the primary lockdown order inside the region round Nevius Road ultimate night time around eight p.M.

It expanded north as police persevered to scour the woods for Goleman.

This morning, fresh spherical sightings sent police jogging from neighborhood to community and telling human beings to live lock of their houses for protection. The massive spoil got here around 1 p.M. Nowadays, an officer says he noticed Goleman riding a stolen pickup. Officers and a Coast Guard helicopter tracked him down, taking pictures of him at the back of Bonefish Grill, in which he crashed and changed into arrested.

“All of these distinctive factors and that internal agency cooperation is what led to this arrest, and we suppose caused prevention of everybody being injured or killed because of this fugitive at the run,” said Director Barber. “Thank you to the network and everybody who gave telephone calls to inform us in which he might be,” stated MPD Chief Battiste. Goleman changed into the second character arrested about the final nighttime’s chase and shootout. Antonio Nettles was captured the day before this. Nettles changed into charged with trying to elude as well as a parole violation.

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