New global running a blog platform lets in bloggers to earn Bitcoin SV

A new running a blog platform has emerged to little fanfare. Literatus allows authors to publish their content for free or to provide it for a charge. In order to make payments, readers will need to have a Bitcoin SV (BSV) pockets, as this is the only cryptocurrency familiar.

Literatus is the brainchild of Emre Özdemir, a Turkish running a blog fan and newbie programmer. He started out working at the platform numerous months ago, freeing the alpha version only closing month. He explains of the website, “It’s multilingual by way of design and can be without difficulty prolonged to many languages on demand. The homepage has been google-translated to a couple of languages as evidence of concept.”

The website flows well and already has a considerable amount of content. Unlike other blogging websites, there is actual value to bloggers through Literatus, as it permits them to earn for the content material they produce. Accepting BSV truly makes sense, as it is quickly becoming the pass-to crypto and keeps to provide a quick network with extremely low transaction costs compared to other virtual currencies.


According to Özdemir, “I trust that it may convey lots of transactions and non-crypto users from everywhere in the global to the blockchain if it’s used efficiently way to its multilingual nature. People in third and 2d international normally tries to find alternative ways of getting cash and opportunity systems. Contrary to this, nicely-situated humans normally don’t are trying to find and don’t like alternatives. So I suppose non-English languages can be essential for Literatus.”

The website online continues to be younger and, as is the case with any web page, could be tweaked as it progresses. Some users have already cautioned that Özdemir encompasses the Money Button application so one can make procuring content material with BSV even less complicated.

Özdemir adds, “It’s obvious that I am no longer able to manipulate and slight different sections of the website on my own. So I’m planning to provide a few people within the SV community to manage the web site together. I suppose it ought to be started out with as many languages as feasible for the achievement. I’ll contend with Turkish section in such a case.”

Check it out and get worried—Literatus is a person-friendly running a blog platform this is based on community input and merits to have the help of the BSV network.

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