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Notre-Dame hearth: How new tech might assist the rebuild

Might the push to rebuild bring about an architectural travesty?

The brief answer is that new technology has been carried out to maintain in addition precious monuments in France – so much so that even the maintenance gained “listed” fame in time.

What sort of tech are we speak to me about?
Jean-Michel Wilmotte is aware of a factor or about cathedrals, having simply built one himself.

He is the architect of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral that recently took its area within the Parisian cityscape at the Quai Branly.

The tale of the hearth in pics
Why blaze changed into tough to tackle
Mr. Wilmotte’s architectural practice additionally restored the Collège des Bernardins, a gothic religious building in the French capital just a century younger than Notre Dame.


Asked how the roof of Notre-Dame is probably replaced, Mr. Wilmotte suggests using a lighter shape of metal beams and titanium panels in the region of the o.K.Beams and lead sheeting that has been lost.

Reims Cathedral, another French gothic masterpiece, burnt down for the duration of World War One in a disaster even greater in its importance than the one in Paris this week.

The architect who restored it, Henry Deneux, used a concrete frame that becomes modern for its time and is now a part of the constructing’s historical past.

Could Notre-Dame be repaired to medieval requirements?
A twelfth Century artisan turning up in twenty-first Century France should probably discover the substances, and something like the equipment, of his change with the assist of the USA’s Historic Monuments firms, says Christiane Schmuckle Mollard, who labored at the healing of Strasbourg’s gothic cathedral.

“Today’s artisan carpenters, roofers, and stonemasons,” she believes, “do an admirable job,” taking part in each recognition with the aid of predominant architects and the pleasure that they’re worthy of their ancestors.

The treasures of Notre-Dame
The grief that comes from misplaced homes
Images display damage to the cathedral’s indoors
“We could rebuild an equal shape for Notre-Dame as it has been perfectly documented and the substances exist,” says Denis Dessus, president of France’s National Council of the Order of Architects.

However, he thinks that the replacement roof goes to be a lighter, extra flexible structure which will “permit this cathedral to live for some other 10 centuries”.

“In any case, this may be an item of dialogue due to the fact each opportunity exist, to make it identical or optimize.”

How long should the work take?
French President Emmanuel Macron has called for it to be completed in five years, which would coincide with the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Mr Wilmotte thinks that cut-off date is “very clean” and has an imaginative and prescient of the usage of the River Seine to ship the substances wished for the process.

“Wanting to tackle the problem head-on is admirable,” says Mr. Dessus, but he is involved approximately shifting too rapid with such an antique constructing.

Only after a complete examination of the website can a timescale be envisaged, he says.

“To begin paintings for the Olympic Games would suggest going very, very speedy,” he says.

Ms Schmuckle Mollard changed into “startled” to hear of President Macron’s plan and suggests past French governments could certainly have promised to rebuild the cathedral because it became, “whatever the problems and but long the work”.

Mr Dessus displays that “Gothic artwork is traumatic both technically and artistically”.

The result, though, is the “undying impact that grips every tourist”.

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