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San Francisco government search for lady in landslide

Rescue workers switched from seeking to restoration mode Friday night time of their efforts to find a female believed to be buried via a landslide near a San Francisco seashore. One girl changed into rescued after the landslide above a seashore famous with dog walkers. Dozens of seek-and-rescue employees had been frantically sifting thru the sand through hand and with shovels. However, they opted to stop more than three hours after the crumble was first stated, San Francisco Fire

San Francisco government search for lady in landslide 1

Department Lt. Jon Baxter reported. Baxter stated that the two women were strolling with a dog Friday afternoon, approximately midway at the cliff above Fort Funston seashore. Witnesses stated the two ladies each had a hand prolonged and touched the cliff while it gave way and that they were swept to the beach within the landslide. Fort Funston is ready above steep sandstone cliffs and is a sheltered place inside the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The cliff is about two hundred toes (sixty-one meters) above the San Francisco seaside.


The former navy set up, and the beach below is a famous off-leash area for canine walkers.

Baxter stated bystanders pulled one girl and the canine from the landslide and furiously dug for the buried female while rescue workers arrived. The rescued woman turned into taken to a sanatorium with accidents that are not lifestyles-threatening, Baxter stated. Rescue employees have also been “pinging” the woman’s mobile phone, and a metallic detector changed into on the way to the scene, Baxter said. Two dogs exceptionally skilled to locate trapped human beings still alive were going for walks up and down the slide. Cadaver” puppies skilled to discover human remains have been at the scene approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of the Golden Gate Bridge, he said.

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