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Silicon Valley Has Its Tech Campuses. Now It Wants A Monument

As much as Silicon Valley is an real region, it has no authentic borders or capital. It’s a nickname, now not a name on a map. But now there is probably a monument approximately its glory.

The San Jose City Council authorized a design competition for a landmark that would characterize the tech enterprise’s power and affect. There isn’t a unmarried architectural icon to represent Silicon Valley, like the Hollywood sign or the Empire State Building.

However, Silicon Valley has lengthy been bodily defined first with the aid of its modest, unremarkable suburban workplace parks. Then, inside the past few years, tech giants commenced erecting grandiose campuses designed by way of celeb architects. These buildings, including Apple’s new headquarters and Frank Gehry’s addition to Facebook, can be visible as company monuments. They carry a experience of permanence and establishment, as opposed to the fluidity and flexibility that described startup tradition.

“This is what rich and powerful human beings have achieved all through records. Louis XIV constructed Versailles. The pope built St. Peter’s. The pharaohs constructed the pyramids,” said Louise Mozingo, a professor of landscape architecture and environmental making plans at UC Berkeley who studies corporate landscapes. “And at this second, the certainly wealthy and powerful are the technology agencies.”

That’s what travelers already tour for. They need to peer wherein their apps and devices are dreamed up.


“There’s an power and a spirit here,” stated Le Zhang, who runs a startup. “I want to reveal my pals who’re touring how Silicon Valley was built and what a success story seems like.”

He and his pal, who works at Apple in China, rode their motorcycles to top notch tech sites. They went from Steve Jobs’ early life home, wherein he and Steve Wozniak prepare the primary Apple computers in the storage, to the HP Garage located on a residential road in downtown Palo Alto. A handful of vacationers were already snapping photographs of in which classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began their organization 80 years in the past.

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