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The Biggest Threats To Your Online Reputation In 2021

If you’re like most modern business owners, you may already be painfully aware that online reputation can make or break a business in today’s marketplace. Unlike the old word-of-mouth dynamic before the digital age, news travels lightning-fast through electronic communication, particularly through social media outlets. Many people love to jump on the bandwagon, and reputations can be seriously damaged within several hours, leaving business owners feeling frustrated and helpless. Sometimes, reputations are damaged by targeted attacks by competitors, ex-wives or husbands with a grudge, or ex-employees who feel terminated unfairly. Whatever the reason, however, you don’t have to meekly accept the results while watching your business flounder.


The adverse impacts of a negative reputation don’t only affect business owners, however. They also prevent people from getting a job they want and even make others reluctant to include them in their social circles — and it goes without saying that in this day and age with Google at everyone’s fingertips, one of the first things romantic prospects do is run your name through a search engine before moving forward with the relationship. Some even perform advanced background checks.

Following are the three biggest threats to your online reputation:

Negative Reviews

Almost everyone checks out online reviews when they’re looking for goods and services, and nearly every business has at least a few bad reviews. The good news is that most people realize this — the damage occurs when targeted attacks create so many bad reviews that’s all anyone sees.

Lack of a Positive Social Media Presence

Whether you’re a business or a private individual, your social media presence is one of the first things others look at when they’re considering doing business with you, hiring you, or becoming involved with you on a social level. Even a few misspelled words and other minor issues can create a negative impression. Professional social media management services can provide positive profiles and interactions that make a good impression.

Something Negative in Your Personal History

Thanks to the internet, the lines between professional and private life are more blurry than ever. Something negative in your personal history can have serious repercussions on every other aspect of your life. For instance, if your mugshot is out there online somewhere, people will find it, and once someone does, the word will spread like wildfire. Hiring a reputation management service with the ability to remove mugshots from the internet is a smart move that can prevent this scenario from occurring.

Most businesses tend to turn to online reputation management services after the fact, but taking a proactive approach helps circumvent many unpleasant issues and situations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience if you’d like more information on repairing a damaged reputation or preventing it from happening in the first place.

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