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The Latest Google Search Console Updates: What You Need to Know

Updates to Google Search Console are coming rapid and livid. Even for the maximum eagle-eyed of search engine marketing professionals, it is able to be challenging to hold on the pinnacle of all of today’s developments.

As such, I concept it’d be useful to provide a smooth-to-digest overview of what we know about Google’s plans emigrate functions over from the vintage version, in addition to searching at the evolution of the new version of Search Console.

I’ll purpose to maintain this put up updated with the ultra-modern releases and developments, but don’t hesitate to drop me a message if I’ve overlooked whatever.


What’s Been/Being Migrated to the New Search Console?

The chief source of misunderstanding about the new version of Search Console has been around how Google is dealing with the transition from the vintage version, as now not all the functions are being moved directly into the new edition.

Instead, Google is taking the possibility to reassess the tools and reports that they offer to be extra useful for users and to align more intently with the evolving challenges that search engine marketing professionals now face.

After some dribs and drabs of information on what is and isn’t being migrated to the new version, Google has helpfully published a post clarifying their plans.

Here’s a rundown of Google’s plans as they stand.
Shiny New Reports & Tools

The Performance record has been around for almost 12 months now and became the primary function to be launched within the beta model of Search Console.

Along with the horny new UI, the most substantial benefit of the Performance report, in comparison to the ancient Search Analytics document, is the extension of the date range to incorporate sixteen months of records, rather than 3 months.

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