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What is Minimalist Content Marketing?

My persona is at a max volume nearly all of the time; however, I am ALL approximate minimalism on the subject of content material advertising method. It is ok — nay endorsed! — to be lazy…so long as you’re smart and strategic approximately it.
So in nowadays’s #ContentOnContent, we’re gonna be speaking approximately what minimalist content material advertising is and why it’s such an important content advertising trend to be able to embrace and just give a huge vintage hug in 2019.

I spoke approximately this at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference earlier this yr. And now, not to gloat or anything (because it, in reality, crammed me with anxiety), but the presentation was completely booked approximately per week before the convention even commenced. That told me, without a doubt, that numerous entrepreneurs need to research extra about. And folks who didn’t attend the conference deserve to study it too. So let’s do it. But before we dive into this minimalist content advertising technique, we first want to look at what most entrepreneurs are currently doing with content material.

The Old Way: More Cowbell Content Marketing

The manner maximum folks are used to doing content advertising is a completely maximalist technique. I like to call it “More Cowbell Content Marketing.” Remember that SNL sketch? In the comic strip, irrespective of the query, no matter what the hassle is or what the music becomes missing, the prescription is “extra cowbell.”

It’s the same element with content advertising and creation.

With More Cowbell Content Marketing, the prescription is “extra content.”
The Problem With More Cowbell Content Marketing Always remembers that content material advertising aims not to create content material. And that mindset and that approach might include paintings while you’re first starting out with content material advertising in your enterprise. At that point, you don’t have current content to work with, so you have no desire but to create stuff from scratch, But once you’ve been using content material marketing for a while, that just does not make experience anymore. Not at all.

Even in case your task identify is technical “creator” or “content writer. Because even then, you don’t get rewarded with the aid of your boss or customers (or, as a minimum, you shouldn’t) for how many phrases you write, how frequently you post, or something like that. It’s now not about growing content; it’s approximately getting results from that content.

Find customers, make cash, freaking DO BUSINESS.

  • Content is simply the mechanism that you’re using to do that.
  • How Minimalist Content Marketing is Different
  • Minimalist content advertising is about growing as little as feasible to fulfill those advertising desires.
  • This is in stark evaluation to the more cowbell technique, which wastes your time and energy and pulls you far from your massive picture goals.
  • You’re too focused on maintaining up with that content material treadmill.
  • And I cited earlier that I’m a dancer, right? As a dancer, permit me to inform you:
  • A treadmill is one of the maximum uninteresting kinds of workout. And it’s no longer a superb content material approach, both.
  • Instead of strolling ad infinitum at the consistent content material treadmill, you want to step off now and again to mention, “how is this content material acting? Is that absolutely getting outcomes? What else are we able to do?” 🤔

If you caught the closing #ContentOnContent, approximately Bruno Mars and Cardi B and Finesse, you realize, I love a perfect remix. It’s actually for the track, and it’s authentic for content material marketing.

How Minimalist Content Marketing Saved My Own Butt

I like to mention that I’m the right mixture of clever, ambitious, and lazy. 💁🏻‍♀️ I set huge desires and might create strategic plans to meet them. But still, at the cease of the day, I am lazy af. Through no fault of my own, I don’t have the energy to hustle — now not with more than one intellectual and physical continual illness. At one point, I thought this will mean I’d need to give up my profession in content material marketing.

To maintain going, I HAD to get extraordinary at figuring out precisely how an awful lot of work desires to be completed…and then literally no greater. Because I need to be careful with my strength (shout-out to spoon principle!), I’m *constantly* calculating how to meet new advertising desires with existing content material.

So minimalist content advertising and marketing saved my very own a$$ and career.

“But what does it mean? How do I do it?”

If you’re acquainted with the minimalism motion, a huge part of its miles defining what “sufficient” is and no longer going beyond that. Another component is making the most of what you already have.

That’s the energy we want to be bringing to our content material advertising.

We need to define how much content it must fairly take to fulfill our commercial enterprise desires, create that, then go use it. Get it into the palms of our customers (or capability clients).

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