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Why All Freelance Mums Should Be Blogging

Firstly, let’s be clear: this is not about ‘mummy running a blog’, it is about the purpose your freelance enterprise will thrive in case your blog. It’s approximately the advantages of blogging, in phrases of SEO. The community that can be built around a blog.

But, like with ‘chick lit’, ‘mumpreneur’ and different patronizing, gendered labels for paintings created via a woman, the chance is that if you’re a mum and your weblog, you will be referred to as a ‘mummy blogger’. Ignore it and flow on. That’s what I do.

My personal running a blog adventure started out in 2008. I’d completed an English BA diploma at Sussex, returned to London and changed into keen to grow to be a journalist. I released ‘Annie Loves’ on Blogger and started out journaling women’s problems and cultural experiences.

Soon, I had some hundred hits a day. My weblog posts have been shared on Facebook (lower back then, Instagram didn’t even exist. Twitter become simply rising). But while a pal referred to my blog as my process, I laughed. It became an interest; a platform for me to share my perspectives and preparation writing for online.

However, what I didn’t recognize is that I changed into building a non-public logo and an online community, in addition to choosing up on search engine marketing tricks – long before I even knew what search engine marketing changed into (in case you do not know what this time period means, don’t worry, there may be more on search engine marketing down beneath).


A few years later, I became writing for the neighborhood and local information and determined to come to be a greater expert in my method. So I made the reckless choice to delete my private weblog. What I ought to have achieved is traded the call and content but maintain the audience (and Google ranking – greater in this later). You live and examine.

However, it wasn’t all in vain as I later used the whole thing I’d learned to launch a parenting platform referred to as The Early Hour. I knew about everyday posting and hooking humans in. I understood the way to leverage views thru social media. In the primary month of launching, I had 10,000 views. In the three years on the grounds that, The Early Hour has been regarded over 1 million times.

So, how can blogging assist along with your profession as a freelancer?

1. Online presence

A blog is someplace so one can express yourself in lengthy-shape. That does not imply all your posts want to be truly lengthy – they don’t; 500-800 phrases is nice for online writing – it simply gives you area to jot down more than you can cowl in a tweet or Instagram put up.

Also, it is an on-line location to point humans in the direction of outdoor of social media. You’re predicted to have a website now, something your freelance work, but if you don’t yet have products or services to offer – eg. In case you’re getting ready to release – begin a blog and show/inform folks who you are.

2. Building a community

Blogging is exceptional for building a community. It’s how Steph Douglas, founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, started out her enterprise. She commenced blogging, were given a load of ladies keen to hear more from her, sound-boarded the enterprise concept – and rancid she went. She now has a crew, office and delivery centre.

Whatever your freelance commercial enterprise is, you will need customers or customers, so getting phrase out about yourself is critical. If you are writing thrilling, relatable or informative posts – they may be shared throughout the web and with it, your name and business providing could be too.

Three. Becoming a logo

Blogging assist you to to find the voice of your brand. It’s your online area to strive matters out, ask questions, experiment. And with Google Analytics installed, you may be able to see what people like analyzing from you and do more of that.

This can then be harnessed to tell your branding suggestions. If readers love your honest, open pieces approximately the demanding situations – you will understand to keep with this vibe. If they locate you humorous, you may comprise funny little notes while shipping out applications, or in advertising replica.

Four. Offering extra, without spending a dime

We all get so many advertising emails, looking to promoting our stuff. Blogging is a way to provide something that isn’t sales but as an alternative provides a greater fee in your customers or customers. You are freely giving your mind and ideas, that they can study without spending a dime.

And in flip, it may lead to work. If they prefer your tone and the records you’re supplying, they may heat to you over the person/employer who hounds them relentlessly with advertising emails. Giving a bit something away without spending a dime is a great way to warm people up.

Five. Search engine marketing

Search engine optimization (search engine marketing) is set on how you rank on Google. For example, if you’re selling youngsters’ waterproofs, you need a person to google: ‘youngsters’ waterproofs’ and for your brand to seem at the top of the search. Whichever website does appear on the top has accurate search engine marketing.

Blogging helps with search engine optimization, as one element of rating well with Google is the usage of the right ‘keywords’. So, the business above desires phrases like ‘water-resistant’, ‘outside put on’, kids garb’ throughout their internet site. Write a blog with each of those terms in the header and Google will start to equate you with those terms.

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