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Why I Started Blogging

From my attitude, it’s as proper an instance of how blogging can characteristic as a device for mirrored image and growing one’s very own information and understanding as you’ll ever locate. As Matt says, running a blog is “the method of writing as a way to work out what I’m thinking.

Why I Started Blogging 1

He adds, “Part of the point of writing is to peer in which ideas move.


In many methods, blogging on this space has made me who I am these days. My latest books on the coaching of writing have been birthed through the procedure Matt describes so nicely. The center thoughts have been initially expressed, extended, or even amended properly here. Writing the first draft of what could come to be The Writer’s Practice: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay and Other Necessities[1]felt extra like the third draft because I’d taken so many swings on the equal ideas on this page. I cannot advise blogging strongly enough as an exercise with a purpose to beautify your work, something your paintings maybe. Even if the expanded attention for my writing and e-book guides hadn’t come out of my blogging, my teaching has been notably altered utilizing this exercise. I even feel like I see the arena. I’m requested to navigate a little extra absolutely.

Blogging has been simply empowering.

Matt’s initial motivation to weblog was a desire to peer his angle as a person on the interior of understanding “how colleges work” in the mix of bettered blogging remarks. He didn’t see that voice represented in the existing universe and concept changed into critical enough to devote the time it takes to write sincerely, regularly, and nicely. Unlike Matt Reed, no person asked me why I began blogging, but I’m going to answer the query anyway:


When I started out writing for Inside Higher Ed as a guest blogger at Oronte Churm’s area, after having left my full-time lecturer gig at Clemson for coaching as an adjunct at College of Charleston and freelance writing (as we followed my spouse’s profession), I had a profit south of $10,000 12 months, so the concept of trying out blogging whilst Churm wanted a wreck was appealing.

Because of the money.

Early on, given how long it would take me to write a blog, the cash wasn’t even that outstanding, but something is better than nothing, and nearly concurrently, I commenced writing a weekly column for the Chicago Tribune. After switching over to my very own blogging area and then securing a complete-time journeying role at CofC, subsequent element, I’d cobbled an affordable dwelling collectively.

Following now not securing an open tenure-line function at CofC and finding out to transition out of my visiting function, the weblog was all over again critical as I ought to up my productivity for extra cash, instantly replacing a portion of that misplaced teaching profits.

Let’s tally what running a blog has done for me:

Without the blog, I by no means would’ve been capable of generating the thoughts and material that, in the long run, make up my new books. Without the weblog, I wouldn’t be as well-placed to interact with a network of others who share my worries, bringing human beings and resources to my interest that notably inform my writing in the long run. Without the weblog, I would in no way we can to redirect my time away from coaching and in the direction of this new route. Without the weblog,  I by no means might’ve improved my public profile to a level wherein I should interest publishers in buying those books. Without the weblog, the direction I’m currently following to preserve myself both intellectually and financially following the disappointment of understanding a stable, sustainable coaching role was no longer inside the cards for me would by no means have appeared.

I weblog, consequently I am.

And yet, I get a touch indignant after I see advice for contingent school like “Start a blog! It ought to boost your profile, or maybe grow to be an additional source of income!” The advice is bad for plenty of motives. For one, it is time-ingesting. If one is blogging within the absence of pay, writing regularly and properly sufficient to possibly get to the point where you ought to receive a commission takes critical determination. Matt Reed controlled this, but you wouldn’t be analyzing these phrases if I hadn’t had cash attached from the get pass.

Blogging for romance would possibly cause cash, however it in all likelihood won’t.

Second, as Matt Reed testifies, raising one’s public profile internal educational spaces is not an unalloyed right. My entire running a blog profession, I’ve had the large gain of being in a “freedom’s simply every other phrase when you ain’t were given nothin’ to lose” state of affairs regarding my educational career.

I had it even better. I not only had little to lose in terms of my academic “career,” however, due to my personal circumstances, but I also could not be terribly harmed if I misplaced even that little. As I became unemployed upon our pass to Charleston, we set ourselves up to stay on my wife’s earnings effectively.

It’s easy to appear courageous while running this sort of safe internet. Not being over-worried about who I was irritating probably benefits my writing by permitting me to be less safe and consequently extra interesting. The infection of individuals who disagree with me becomes a characteristic, now not a malicious program, and additional friction generates extra warmth.[2] I’m left with this: absolutely everyone should be able to get admission to the capability advantages of writing publicly about their work within the form of a weblog, perhaps even as part of their enumerated process duties.

For people who are so willing, why not allow for some degree of the “research” component of their function to be fulfilled with the aid of running a blog? I wager it’d generate numerously suitable.[3] I wager it’d likely result in even greater conventional studies being produced. I didn’t grow to be a student until I began blogging. Now examine me, an author with an ebook from a quite appeared university press! At the same time, permit’s no longer promote blogging as a few sorts of price tag out of contingency, even though it has labored for a small handful of humans, type of including me.

Everyone has to weblog.

Better but, everyone needs to paintings beneath conditions which makes running a blog feasible. If we do that, plenty of other matters become viable as nicely.

[1]If you order direct through Johns Hopkins University Press thru the holidays and use the code HHOL, it’s forty% off and unfastened shipping. That identical code is right for any JHUP book.

[2]I’m also privileged in that as a white dude, generating warmness doesn’t bring about threats of rape or sexual attack because it does for lots of ladies who write with identical aims.

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