Why Millennials Are Choosing Podcasting Over Blogging To Build Their Personal Brands

Millennials are at the pass a long way greater than generations before them and their mobile gadgets are their lifelines. Also, according to a 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, millennials are beginning extra companies at an earlier age and concentrated on a whole lot better profits than their child boomer mother and father and grandparents.

These 3 facts inform us some crucial matters approximately a millennial’s life-style: They want to live linked and they need to make their mark. To do those, extra millennials are developing a personal and a professional emblem that they could project and expand to a developing community.

Traditionally, this generation turned into informed to create blogs and websites with portfolios. In reality, having a blog was a simplest way to promote their brands and enlarge their groups. Adding to that would be a sturdy social media presence. Even video turned into touted. Podcasts have been not often referred to. But millennials have determined that podcasts can be an essential part of their branding toolkits – vital sufficient that they appear to be leaving behind blogs for them.

Perhaps, this transition began as millennials realized that they themselves have been now not reading many blogs. In fact, over 41% of millennials haven’t any staying power for text content material that is too long. If they had been not reading blog posts that tons, their very own audiences had been probable no longer both.

The popularity of podcasts is absolutely growing. Edison Research determined that in 2016, 36% of Americans aged 12+ had listened to a podcast in 2016. That’s a 75% growth because 2013. Interestingly, 64% of these who’ve listened to podcasts have achieved so on cell gadgets.


Additional proof for the growing popularity of podcasts is the fact that principal legacy media corporations which include New York Times and Wall Street Journal and more moderen digital media agencies inclusive of Slate and Buzzfeed are all closely making an investment in podcasting.

Why podcasts enchantment to millennial broadcasters and listeners

Podcasts are first rate media for people with short attention spans. And today’s consumer of facts has that. With their headphones, listeners can do laundry or yard paintings while they concentrate. With their earbuds, they are able to training session, power to and from work and stroll their puppies. Video, which calls for eyes as well, does not continually paintings in these environments. And blog posts, which generally include of text content, simply cannot work.

Some human beings simply don’t like to write, and weblog posts come to be cumbersome and tedious, now not to mention that they will need to be edited by some other birthday celebration earlier than being published. Podcasts, on the other hand, permit the broadcaster to talk in a genuine, herbal tone, establishing a stable connection and speaking who they’re as a person. This authenticity substantially appeals to millennials.

Podcasts also are a excellent medium to break down usually dense or “dull” topics like law or insurance into digestible chunks. Blogs and text content might not be as powerful in doing this.

And there are some a success examples of podcasting by means of millennials who have selected this medium over blogs to sell their personal emblem.

Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin commenced a podcast, “Stuff Mom Never Told You,” in 2014. It is entertaining and now gets over a million downloads every month.
Katie Roach started out her “Drunk Sex” podcast, hoping to open up conversations approximately sex. To Roach, her personality comes thru a ways greater than it does thru a blog, even though she nevertheless writes posts to promote her podcasts.
Eddie Murphy, founder of a sports podcast, “Dishing and Swishing,” began his podcast out of private frustration of a normal career pursuit – no longer being able to get a job due to having no paintings experience, and now not being capable of get experience with out a process.
These a hit millennial podcasters have a subject matter about which they’re passionate, and a non-public connection purpose to allow listeners get to understand and accept as true with them. Podcasting allows them to build a higher rapport with their fans, which, in flip, results in better loyalty, higher engagement and extra authority on-line.

Once your influence grows as a podcaster, you can invite very influential guests in your display like Tim Ferriss does on a regular basis and tap into their fan base too, at the same time as pushing your call reputation and logo forward. With running a blog, you may welcome visitor posts too, however getting high profile specialists to jot down in your blog is a lot more difficult than recording a brief voice interview with them.