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Traditional & virtual corporations to merge in destiny: Grapes Digital’s Himanshu Arya


MUMBAI: For a first-generation entrepreneur trying to make it huge in the digital advertising area with no professional schooling in the problem, Grapes Digital founder Himanshu Arya is a nice anomaly. He knows his enterprise, his crew, and on pinnacle of the whole lot, he knows the cost of enriching and education his workforce on a regular foundation in order that they live inspired and beforehand of the curve.

When he released Grapes Digital in 2009, after a two-yr stint inside the banking area, Arya didn’t have the vision to run a digital or media corporation. But as destiny might have it, currently, he’s leading a team of greater than a hundred thirty individuals with places of work in Mumbai and Delhi. The clientele consists of huge names like Manforce, Pantaloons, Axis Mutual Fund, and many others.

In a recent interaction with Indiantelevision.Com, the man shared his adventure, his vision for the future of digital, and the efforts he has been putting in to make certain his group is on a comparable wavelength of aspirations and starvation to win as he is. Edited excerpts observe:

Brief us in your entrepreneurial journey and the inception of Grapes Digital.



I finished my master’s from IMT Ghaziabad in 2007 and labored with Kotak and City Bank after that. But even as I was running inside the banking region or even at some stage in my days inside the college, there has been numerous unrest in me as I wanted to start something of my very own. Entrepreneurship was usually on my thoughts. I hadn’t anticipated leading a digital business enterprise or working inside the media industry however as an entrepreneur, it becomes very clear to me that I must do anything and the whole thing that is required to maintain.

Finally, in 2009 I stated, permit’s do it and we began as Grapes Software, a generation company. We worked more often than not in the area of net improvement. But as the world of virtual grew, the clients for whom we had advanced web sites came again to us with necessities for SEO (search engine optimization). Then Google AdWords got here in overdue 2010 and clients started inquiring for such offerings as well. That’s how the enterprise increased.

By early 2012, digital had grown to be greater outstanding in India with social media gaining momentum. That time, we took a totally conscious call to enlarge inside the digital space. We started out taking on gradual shifts and became Grapes Digital that 12 months.

So, earlier, we have been a group of approximately forty center technical human beings and there was no person working in the virtual area. Right now, we’ve got reduced that number to less than 1/2 and have extra than a hundred thirty people looking after digital communications for our clients.

How became the revel in of main this shift from technical to virtual?

I wasn’t an engineer when I had commenced this tech agency and neither did I actually have understanding in the digital area before making the shift. But I were lucky to have labored with the satisfactory of people in my group. I suppose that has been my middle functionality; to work with people who are ready in preference to being caught on me for higher performance. You get the great men who can do the excellent process whilst you manipulate the general commercial enterprise.

The shift manifestly did no longer appear in a single day, it changed into a slow procedure and I actually have loved it down the road. In truth, I nonetheless revel in the tech part of the enterprise pretty nicely.

Grapes Digital has been doing a commendable business. You have been expanding your groups, prevailing big customers. So, what is the further course of action for the business enterprise?

We are seeking to grow to be extra organized in what we are doing. We are internally working on improving our efficiencies.

Also, until date, we were willingly operating for customers who do now not have good enough budgets for virtual. We were handed over for them even if the margins for us are negligible. But now as a commercial enterprise, we’re taking a conscious name that we additionally want to earn cash as we deliver our blood and sweat. So, we’re searching out clients that may pay us properly. Because if once the contract has been signed, we will go back to a purchaser and say that we can’t manage to pay for to do this or that as you’ve got paid most effective a sure sum of money. That kills creativity in the long run and that is something unacceptable. We are not willing to alternate our manner, so we very well may trade clients.

Brands typically spend much lesser on digital than they do on conventional media. Do you believe you studied this trend is going to reverse?

Yes. Let’s apprehend from a purchaser’s angle. Earlier, there was a mainline corporation that could make TVCs and print commercials for the brands. Media shopping for becoming also accomplished via the equal enterprise or identical group enterprise. Then got here virtual, which modified things extensively. So, if there are a thousand customers for TV and print proper now, for digital the range can be around 1 lakh. Now, this is a diverse organization; a number of it is probably spending only Rs 25,000 a month whilst others may additionally have budgets of Rs 10 crore to Rs one hundred crores.

Also, bigger clients are moving their cash from offline to digital. A corporation that had started five years again on digital is already spending 20 in line with cent at the budgets on the platform, even as someone who had commenced eight years again is giving out 40 in keeping with cent to digital. So, it’s far approximately customer maturity.

From where I am, I experience that in another 3 years, perhaps virtual will be the beat-runner and offline groups will follow what we are doing today.

What will this shift suggest for digital businesses?

For digital businesses like us, it’ll suggest that we are able to be hiring increasingly offline planners, coaching them the manner online is carried out. That’s how we are able to be doing the general emblem making plans digital-first, in contrast to nowadays wherein offline companies take the lead.

Right now, we do now not have budget to lease media planners on the dimensions which offline corporations are doing, really due to the reason that customers are spending lesser on virtual. But as I said, 3 years down the line, the culture could be exclusive. We can be getting a bigger pie of the advertising spends of any emblem, our affordability for top media planners will growth and we can be better ready to rent them.

Another element that would appear, while I am no longer positive how it’s going to pan out, is the merging of offline and virtual corporations. There will now not be separate entities to appearance after traditional and digital wishes of the customers however one single organization. But offline groups will should amp up their paintings to in shape tempo with virtual in that state of affairs because the rate and hustle for an online corporation are a whole lot higher than the offline opposite numbers. They will must enhance their velocity and efficiency or they’re going to lose out big.

As you said which you do now not have expert stages either in engineering or virtual advertising. So, at the same time as you rent human beings in your business enterprise, do you look out for ranges or the talent a candidate possesses?

Initially, I thought levels were the better choice. I am a first-technology entrepreneur and anything I learnt turned into by way of the books. So, at that time, degrees looked like a more secure option. But then I practically realised that these tiers are not including any cost to any person. I even have labored with those who were fresh out of faculty and had accomplished only a short-term direction from a small institute however grew to become out to be better developers than a person with stages from fancy large universities. And they have been equally clean as educated specialists, at instances.

So, yes, ranges don’t depend, it is the skill-set that topics. And coming to the digital area, I assume revel in is the only element that actually matters. There aren’t many professional publications schooling in digital media or advertising and marketing. There are a few big institutes but humans from there are generally coming in at a cost that they’re unaffordable as freshers.

You are saying that enjoy subjects the maximum to you whilst you rent human beings. Doesn’t younger power attract you?

To be very sincere, I am not very confident of them [fresh college graduates] due to the fact I feel that their mindsets are nevertheless now not clean approximately in which they need to head. Most of them might be running only for the sake of it. I don’t suppose they’re taking their careers as critically as we used to take when we were 22.

Saying that, this year we’ve decided to experiment a bit. We have employed 12 younger graduates as management trainees. I had by no means attempted that in the past decade however I am inclined to present it a conscious threat. Maybe the breed that we’ve got hired is from the quality commencement colleges. We get to strive that and then be more confident next yr and hopefully hire a extra quantity.

And how are you making plans to retain this expertise?

Grapes as a subculture could be very revolutionary. If you look at our retention, the human beings that we have employed stay with us for at least three years. We supply a number of cross-exposure throughout departments. I will in no way tell a person that if you are from social, you may’t study the media aspects for a client. I do a weekly overview meeting with my teams and ask them what new they have got discovered and what upgrades they’re planning to introduce to the customers. That’s the push that continues human beings at Grapes engaged. I think the lifestyle of doing some thing greater than what a everyday job offers is our retention sport for the employees. Also, we do some of schooling classes, provide them with a healthful paintings surroundings wherein they have adequate opportunity to perform as well as relax.

Tell us extra approximately the kind of education sessions you’ve got been website hosting at Grapes.

We have currently began with a series of workshops and education at Grapes Digital. For instance, we did one very thrilling education earlier this year called the ‘interviewing capabilities programme’. We known as running shoes from Mumbai to our Delhi office to educate senior management in taking accurate interviews. The key takeaway of the consultation was that we’ve began taking panel interviews now and have made an basic methodology throughout levels to grill the applicants. That is helping us a lot, as the candidate, from the time of the interview, starts offevolved feeling that he/she is at the proper location and they could by no means were exposed to this type of process.

Another instance is the ‘important conversation competencies’ education that taught our employees on the mid-senior stage to interact successfully with their subordinates and group members whether or not it’s far breaking hard information while the worker isn’t working well or placing them up for tough obligations, that occasionally come with unrealistic demands and time limits. Our control now knows how to talk it to the team with out setting a great deal pressure on them.

We also are making plans to a ‘presentation skill education’ inside the coming month.

And how do you deliver them a healthful paintings environment, as you noted?

Internally, perhaps every or 3 weeks, we hold on doing a little sports with a purpose to hold the employees engaged. We do everyday parties, as an instance. There are leisure zones inside our offices in which human beings can unwind throughout their unfastened time and rejuvenate. They can play the guitar, take pleasure in video games, smoke or drink. We do no longer restriction them in any way.

Also, for us what matters is not the amount of time or the hours an employee spends at the office but the deliverables. So, we’ve got folks who paintings from 8 to 5 as they prefer to be at domestic early in the nighttime, after which there are some who punch in at 12 noon after which work thru the night. Though we tell the people to be in office for at least nine hours, on the end of it, if the man or woman has brought, it clearly doesn’t remember.

I assume, there are one of a kind sets of humans. Some of them like to carry out under strain at the same time as a few don’t. We recognize the personality of every character and deliver them freedom consequently. All different policies and frameworks are to guide the personnel and not to demotivate them.

Also, digital is a completely dynamic area. Something new comes up almost every day. How do you inspire your group to maintain pace with that?

Every Monday, we do a weekly meeting in which 20 people from copy, creative, and middle control take a seat collectively to talk about what all is going on within the international. We word down the important thing activities, as an example, elections, the airing of finale season of Game of Thrones, and so forth. Then we work our techniques around them; see which client would react to which occasion. Sometimes, the approvals come inside a few hours of such discussions over WhatsApp. And if we communicate of era, one has to understand the medium properly, in phrases of its content and the goal organization it is able to help us attain.

These things come only whilst you interact with human beings. You need to continuously communicate and brainstorm collectively. There is no shortcut to that. The electricity comes while the entire group of a hundred thirty human beings come together, proportion thoughts, collaborate, and promote all the dimensions of any medium or content material.

The topical content that we do occurs due to the fact we have been sharing good relationships with our customers and recognize their needs. It isn’t difficult for us to show round a second into a campaign inside hours and get it accepted as well.

But aren’t there possibilities of creative or ideological variations with customers?

Creative differences happen while you paintings as a client and an employer. When the goal at coronary heart turns into the same, I don’t assume there stays a scope of difference after that. If you have labored with the consumer for 2 months, you need to get it right. You want to know the tonality of the emblem or the way it desires itself to be perceived by way of the client. Then the whole lot is taken care of.

Apart from that, a problem may arise when people aren’t aligned nicely. If my logo supervisor and the customer servicing supervisor have variations, with the intention to replicate on how we paintings as nicely. But if they are accurate buddies, both could be inclined to journey the more mile to satisfy the needs of the others.

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