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How to discover and join Mobile Nation indicates within the Podcasts app


We love podcasts here at iMore! We locate them informative, enjoyable, thrilling, every so often even interesting, relying on what you’re taking note of. But did you recognize that we’ve a whole slew of suggests here at the Mobile Nations family?

That’s proper, whether or not you need your weekly restore of Apple, or if you’re interested by diving into the sector of Android, Windows, CrackBerry (BlackBerry), we have your lower back! We have a spread of podcast suggests here at Mobile Nations, and we are going to help you discover and join them.

How to manually look for our shows
How to discover the direct links to our shows
How to create a station for all of the MoNa suggests
How to manually look for our suggests and subscribe
Apple’s Podcasts app (and each other 0.33-birthday party podcasts app) makes use of a directory of podcast listings that will help you browse and locate shows. Everything may be searched for with the hunt function if you cannot locate it while browsing.

Launch Podcasts.
Navigate to the Search section.
Tap on the seek input area.
Type on your search terms, like “iMore,” “Android Central,” “Windows Central,” “CrackBerry,” or “CordCutters.”
Make certain All Podcasts is selected, due to the fact Your Library will most effective look for what you’ve got right now.
Once the right effects pop up, faucet at the display you need to view.
Tap on the Subscribe button.


You’re now subscribed to our display! If you’ve got notifications on, you’ll get an alert every time a brand new episode is to be had. Enjoy the display!

How to discover the direct hyperlinks to our indicates
If you’d instead have the direct hyperlinks to all of our suggests, now not to worry! We’ve rounded them all up for you right here, so that you can subscribe at once with the links, or reproduction & paste them in:

iMore Show
Android Central Podcast
Windows Central Podcast
The CordCutters Podcast
CrackBerry Podcast
Those have to take you to the primary podcast web page for every site (the exception is CrackBerry), where you could subscribe through RSS, iTunes, and more.

How to create a station for all the MoNa shows
Now that you’ve subscribed to all the Mobile Nations shows you want, so why no longer prepare them right into a station?

Launch the Podcasts app.
Go immediately to your Library.
Tap the Edit button inside the top proper corner.
Select New Station.
Give your New Station a name, together with “MoNa” or “Mobile Nations suggests.”
Click on Save.

Once you create a station, you can tweak the station settings. This includes deciding on what podcasts move into the station, the sorting order, grouping episodes by using podcast, handiest having unplayed episodes, and more. Don’t leave out our how-to manual on creating stations for extra statistics.

We have a few wonderful content material in all of our indicates, don’t worry! They’re certainly well worth a listen if you love tech podcasts.

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