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Nine Reasons Your AdWords Ad Was Disapproved – And How to Fix It

It’s no huge secret that Google has been cracking down on ad disapprovals currently. The seek powerhouse is becoming stricter to regulate the exceptional of ads being shown to users. Google is even digging into paused commercials and flagging disapprovals. On the managed services group right here at WordStream, we work with many bills from various industries, and it appears that all industries are being affected.

Nine Reasons Your AdWords Ad Was Disapproved – And How to Fix It 1

Why You Should Care About Ad Disapprovals

For common repeat offenders, Google is entitled to suspend your Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) account. Obviously, a suspended account means that ads aren’t being proven in any respect, so your company will see a universal decrease in leads and conversions. On every other notice, agencies ought to take into account that clients get the disapproval emails too. This could make the company appear very sloppy and convince the purchaser that you’re not dealing with the account nicely.

What to Do When Your Ad Gets Disapproved

Most small and medium-sized organizations don’t have a number of time to position into their PPC efforts. These ad disapprovals may be stressful and time-consuming. The pleasant route of movement is to fix any live ad disapprovals. On the opposite hand, if a paused ad is flagged as disapproved, the exceptional direction of movement for busy enterprise owners sporting multiple hats is to just delete the ad from the account. This way, the pesky disapproval may be all the time out of your hair. When your Google ad is disapproved, it’s miles nice to absolutely write over the vintage ad in most cases. Most disapproved commercials received’t have any historic statistics anyway, seeing as they were by no means allowed to run. See below for a few commonplace errors you are probably making.

Nine Common Reasons for Ad Disapprovals in Google Ads

Here are some commonplace reasons why your advertisements are being flagged and how to fix them: Your advert mentions themes deemed inappropriate via Google. Stay far from anything involving adult-orientated content material, playing, counterfeit goods, risky products (like fireworks), and offensive content. Your advert makes a point out of copyrighted content. If another company has copyright over positive phrases, you’ll be flagged for their usage. Find a synonym to apply as an alternative. You covered your employer’s commercial enterprise cellphone variety inside the advert’s textual content. Google will flag ads with the number within the actual advert text. However, you could use telephone extensions, which improve your Quality Scores and lower your CPC. It’s like killing birds with one stone.

Your advert claims your corporation is #1 or the “great in business.” Unless a 3rd celebration supports your declaration, these statements aren’t allowed inside the advert text. Instead, strive to use any other complimentary tagline, like “Customers Love Us!” Your advert’s textual content is simply too long. Remember, the headline can be 25 characters, and every description line and the display URL may be 35 characters. The best exception to this rule is when the focused u . S . A .’s countrywide language has lengthy words, like Kazakhstan and Russia. The trick is to preserve advertisements easily and to the factor. Your ad includes phrases that are in all caps. (ex. HUGE SALE – SHOP NOW). The handiest exception to this rule is in case you’re highlighting a promotional code. (Ex. 20% Off – Use Code: SAVE20)

Your advert carries “trick-to-click on” text. Any ad that asserts “click right here” within the advert text could be at once flagged. Try using a distinctive call to motion, like “Shop Now!” Yry now not to get too excited over Google Ads. RYour advert has too many exclamation factors. emember, the best one exclamation point consistent with the advert is authorized. Also, no exclamation points are allowed in the headline of the advert. Your root area is one-of-a-kind in the show URL and the destination URL. Google policies require that the foundation area be the same. For instance, you can’t have catsarecool.Com within the show URL, after which use dogsarecool.Com for the vacation spot URL. The roots ought to be constant, apples to apples – oranges to oranges. Ad disapprovals can be very pesky and may tank an account for repeat offenders. Keep those not unusual fixes in thoughts, and remember to usually restoration ad disapproval whilst it appears.

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